Digital Bedrock to archive and preserve Steven Soderbergh’s "Logan Lucky" and "Unsane"

LOS ANGELES — March 13, 2018:

Digital Bedrock, a secure digital preservation service, is proud to announce its association with Fingerprint Releasing to preserve the digital masters for Steven Soderbergh’s films Logan Lucky (2017) and Unsane (2018).

Logan Lucky’s preservation involved approximately 50 TB of data in a variety of file formats, including four versions of OpenEXR image sequences, production sound, final sound mixes, DCPs, and ProRes masters. To perform the digital preservation, Digital Bedrock analyzed every file, extracting both the technical and embedded metadata to make it searchable; validated formats to help identify obsolescence vulnerabilities; and created SHA-512 checksums (a unique file “fingerprint”) for every file, and in the case of OpenEXR image sequences, 170,000 per version. Almost 800,000 files were ingested, processed, and indexed. After analysis, files were then copied to four sets of LTO-7 tape and geographically dispersed. Digital Bedrock will perform ongoing preservation maintenance on the Logan Lucky data to ensure its viability well into the future.