Digital Bedrock is your data insurance policy.

Everyone has problems keeping their digital content safe and alive. Solving these problems requires digital preservation:

  • Active monitoring

  • Constant actions

  • Complex metadata.

 We future-proof your files so they will be available and playable when you need them. By identifying long-term vulnerabilities, we create complex metadata about an asset’s characteristics and dependencies and monitor its health over time by performing scheduled, bit-level fixity checks. We offer offline redundancy on LTO7 tape in three geographically separated locations, and migrate your assets as new storage media becomes available.

Our services to clients are comprehensive. Through our digital file analysis, we run virus scans, create checksums, validate formats, and extract technical and add preservation metadata. Our clients’ metadata is mapped to our database structure so clients can search for their files through their secure, online portal. We’re not a cloud-based file access service, but we make it easy for our customers to find and track their assets as needed. We also provide low-res proxies to customers upon request at no charge.

We offer ongoing format obsolescence checks through our proprietary Digital Object Obsolescence Database. If a format is flagged with obsolescence vulnerabilities, we notify our clients and work with them towards the best decision in what to do: migrate the file, apply an emulation environment, or only perform bit-level preservation until a solution is identified.

Our physical security is high: access to racks and our office requires passing through six levels of security, including biometric scanners.

Digital Bedrock is the trusted partner with studios, producers, museums, archives, distributors, and more. Contact us to learn how we protect their valuable digital content.