Digital Bedrock is proud to be part of the
LYRASIS consortium of partners

We know that secure and sustainable preservation options are a critical tool for protecting your digital assets and collections. Digital Bedrock provides low cost, secure, managed, and trusted digital preservation services. It acts as your staff and infrastructure so it’s a component of your overall digital strategy. Digital Bedrock offers you a non-cloud based, hack-proof and future proof digital preservation option for libraries, archives and museums. By taking your digital assets off the grid and into three separate physical locations, with data integrity monitoring and quick access, you can be sure your unique collections are safe and accessible into the future.

We are offering LYRASIS members a 20% discount on annual storage services and initial ingest costs*. 

Email Hannah Rosen at LYRASIS for more information.

*some potential ingest costs are 10% off, request a quote for details