Digital Bedrock to archive and preserve Steven Soderbergh’s Logan Lucky and Unsane

LOS ANGELES — March 14, 2018:

Digital Bedrock, a secure digital preservation service, is proud to announce its association with Fingerprint Releasing to preserve the digital masters for Steven Soderbergh’s films Logan Lucky (2017) and Unsane (2018).

Logan Lucky’s preservation involved approximately 50 TB of data in a variety of file formats, including four versions of OpenEXR image sequences, production sound, final sound mixes, DCPs, and ProRes masters. To perform the digital preservation, Digital Bedrock analyzed every file, extracting both the technical and embedded metadata to make it searchable; validated formats to help identify obsolescence vulnerabilities; and created SHA-512 checksums (a unique file “fingerprint”) for every file, and in the case of OpenEXR image sequences, 170,000 per version. Almost 800,000 files were ingested, processed, and indexed. After analysis, files were then copied to four sets of LTO-7 tape and geographically dispersed. Digital Bedrock will perform ongoing preservation maintenance on the Logan Lucky data to ensure its viability well into the future.

Files were initially collected by Technicolor PostWorks in New York using Digital Bedrock’s curation package tool. ”I’ve admired Steven Soderbergh’s work and creative and technical risk-taking since he began making films, and I’m delighted his team has entrusted Logan Lucky’s preservation and on-going care to us,” stated Linda Tadic, Digital Bedrock founder and CEO. “This was truly a group effort; the post team was highly organized and understood the importance and need of this new detailed type of preservation work.”

Larry Blake, Soderbergh’s long-time post-production sound supervisor / post-production Tom Hagen (and sometimes Luca Brasi), said, “ PostWorks’ regular LTO backups during kept us confident that the film’s data would remain safe during the post-production process. With Linda and her team now ‘curating’ our archival process, methodically preserving and verifying checksums for every file, doing periodic fixity checks, and providing our team with 24/7 access to information on each project’s files, we’ll have unprecedented clarity and confidence going into the future.”

Digital Bedrock is standing by to provide similar services on Soderbergh’s thriller Unsane starring Claire Foy, set for a March 23 release in the U.S.

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